“At last, a Pakistani novelist attempting a novel of the scope and scale of Gone with the Wind. M. Salahuddin Khan’s SIKANDER is a sprawling, fast moving and gripping novel that takes the reader through several decades and through several continents.”

  1. -Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, ibn-Khaldun Professor of Islamic Studies at American University, Washington, DC and former Pakistan ambassador to the UK. Author of Journey into Islam and Journey into America: the Challenge of Islam (more...)

“Sikander the book is simply fantastic, with heavy emphasis on the simply. It manages to show a point of view not often grasped or explained in today's world. I feel it manages to humanize very real and misunderstood people, concepts, beliefs and practices, which beyond the statement it makes about the world we have come to accept that we occupy, is I think perhaps the most generous and important message that comes through. It makes no bones about the fact that there are injustices in the world, and doesn't hide the fact that there are boogeymen out there, but lays ground for the understanding that there are layers and exceptions to every truth. Through Sikander's journeys and life, the author deftly weaves a beautiful message that gives this reader hope, along with a deeper understanding of how the world became the place it now is.”

- Tahira Shahbazi, Member and reviewer, www.goodreads.com

“This was one of the greatest books I've read in a long time. I even had dreams with events from the book.. usually in the mountains. I've spent this past year making a documentary in Libya called Burning Green so some of the feelings or passions in the book seemed familiar to me…I'm a great fan of spiritual journeys and the power of myth. It will be sad tomorrow night not to have this book to read.”

- Mickey Grant, film maker (China Run, The Cu Chi Tunnels, Destination Da Nang) and screenplay writer (Horse with No Name, Sacrificing Liberty)

Mr. Khan has provided an important window into a world I have little understood. His epic story is engrossing. I have found it difficult to put down. In fact, it has cost me many hours of sleep since I am not the fastest reader on the planet. The story is moving. The information about Islam, Afghanistan, and so much more is vivid and engrossing. The journey of Sikander is credible and touching. The descriptions are compelling and insightful. The information is essential. In my opinion, this is an important book that I will be recommending to many.

  1. -Robert J. Wright - The Wright Leadership Institute, Chicago, IL

“With passion, real feeling and just the skill of a thoughtful writer, M. Salahuddin Khan has created what is nothing short of a literary masterpiece.”

- C.A. Webb, host of CONVERSATIONS LIVE and the CONVERSATIONS BOOK CLUB  (more...)

“If you read the Kite Runner and loved it, you will enjoy this book as well.…Hard to put down, the pages kept me turning at night...next to my cup of tea.…Great details, genuine dialogue and one unforgettable story.”

- Ami Blackwelder, Author of The Hunted of 2060, Guardians of the Gate, Prisoners of Pride and The Day the Flowers Died (more...)

“Like Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the literary quality stands out without diminishing or overpowering the story elements.  It’s a WONDERFUL STORY!...Khan’s prose is beautiful, immaculate, riveting. I love how it flows and how it resounds in the reader’s mind. It’s memorable, it’s fresh, and it’s creative.”

- P.Guerrieri. Literary Judge, NC

“What an eye-opener this story is. It gave us "Westerners" a chance to see the events of the past 20-30 years in Afghanistan and Pakistan (and Gitmo!) through the eyes of someone other than our own people…Thank you for helping me to see more clearly into the lives of these people. It's true: the more we know, the less we fear.”

-S. Sears Oroville, CA

”Through the author's vivid depictions, the novel paints a realistic portrait of what individuals in Pakistan and Afghanistan face on a day to day basis. He gives a voice to the individuals of a region where most Americans conjure up a broad and brutal stereotype. We are drawn into a story filled with suspense, love, and self-realization set against a backdrop of war.”

-G. Sawin, Book Club Member, IL

It’s 1986. 17-year old Pakistani student, Sikander, is enamored with America and longs to live there. But enraged after a quarrel with parents he decides to leave home. After meeting visiting Afghan mujahideen he joins their struggle against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Along with fighting, he finds love, just as US-supplied weapons bring victory to hand. Marrying his love, he returns with her to Pakistan, becoming an entrepreneur there. But when 9/11 happens, Sikander must return to Afghanistan to help escaping relatives, placing him on a collision course with the country in which he still yearns to live—America.

If you liked reading Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, and A Thousand Splendid Suns, then you’ll really love reading…



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