Children living in a place where domestic abuse is happening are affected both in their growth and development. Most children brought up in such environment experience both suppressed and bad childhood which led to a negative effect on their personal growth and development. Some children who experience this in life do not learn what they are supposed to learn from childhood to adulthood. These kids learn on how to survive in a young age and even start earning for survival. Parents need to learn domestic violence has a harmful effect on their children’s growth and development.


1. The Child Becomes Introvertnjjcdjdjdjdj

Children need care and love like flowers. Children experiencing domestic violence find it difficult to leave their homes or are silent and feel hesitant to speak. They become introverts to express themselves, and they isolate themselves by staying in darkness. They won’t express their emotions to their friends and family members because they fear and won’t express their feelings. It is because they have been asked not to utter a word about their home situation and their relationship between family members.

2. The Child Becomes Aggressive

Children are unable to share their pain with others and to express themselves in front of others, which build up their aggression in them. When they cannot handle their anger anymore in their life, the get aggressive and with time gets worse, which may result in doing something very harmful to a person they dislike.

3. The Child Becomes Responsible At An Early Age

The first step for children is learning how to walk they start to learn on how to survive and kill their desires in such a violent environment. They become responsible regarding earning for survival before they even see the beauty of life and the world. Children get into the cleaning, cooking or even catering food items to earn money.

joioivdsvdsokvds4. The Child Becomes Unsocial

Most children suffer from a low self-esteem due to domestic violence. They are not able to face the world because they have a low self-confidence to go and face the world as a whole. They don’t feel like making friends or meeting with other people who make them unsocial or cut from the outside world.

5. The Child Becomes Nervous And Edgy

A child suffering from domestic violence become nervous in performing tasks or while talking to others. They do not become aggressive as it is in most cases with the kids.
We should raise our voices against domestic violence. For children from the time they become victims it like poison which consumes them slowly. Domestic violence ruins the future of the children.