If you own a barbershop, your main priority should be to build its reputation, as well as your reputation. However, given how strong the competition is these days, that is much easier said than done. If you are unsure as to how to make your barber business successful, let us help you by providing a few useful tips.

Provide the full treatment

scissors These days, many people look for an authentic barbershop treatment and experience. This means treating your customers with a complimentary shoulder massage and a good neck shave if needed.

When it comes to neck shaving, use a straight razor. Once you are finished shaving, end your session with a good neck massage. This way, you will ensure your clients leave your barbershop fully rejuvenated and satisfied. By providing these extra services, you will build customer loyalty and encourage them to come back on a regular basis. Keep in mind that an individual requires a haircut once in a while, but a complete rejuvenation session is something all of us crave every day.

Invest in high-quality tools

Build a community

Years ago, barbershops were considered as gathering places for people; places where both men and women would drop by to chat with each other, with the barber, and, of course, get a haircut or a shave. Nowadays, this type of community is almost completely gone, especially when it comes to men. Try to build this type of community, and customers will have an extra reason to visit your barbershop.

To do this, try to become a community resource person. Keep in mind that you regularly provide services to people from all walks of life – teachers, artists, tradespeople, business owners, etc. Become a resource by connecting these people and their specific needs.

Build an atmosphere

If you want to build a community and create customer loyalty, you will have to build your establishment’s atmosphere. Think about what the people from your neighborhood like to read and watch on TV, and make these means of entertainment readily available. Also, think about other things that your customers like to do when they spend time in your barbershop. For example, consider purchasing a quality espresso machine, with which you can make and serve tasty cappuccinos to your clients. If your clientele is mainly male, try displaying car posters and catalogs.

A great retail opportunity

barber toolsBy building a great atmosphere, you will also create an excellent retail opportunity. Make sure to display quality barber tools and grooming products in your window, and your clients will most likely ask you where they can buy them. In this case, don’t hesitate to be creative. You can also consider selling coffee beans or cigars as well. If you manage to build a great atmosphere, your clients will most likely want to create that same atmosphere in their homes, by buying such products from you.